Imagine... you are surrounded by healing water, relaxing, exploring your Astrology chart, with Intuitive Healer Tarotuser



Better Days Are Ahead. Find Out Why. Astro~Tarot Readings Recommended Once A Year


  * FREE 3 Card Reading * by Email Request Only *

Using Only The Major Arcana Cards

Recommended for Entertainment or Curiosity Seekers




Relationship Tarot / Natal Chart Comparison


Requires Indepth Study Of Each Birth Chart


Birth Date & Times Required





11 Cards Celtic Cross Spread (modified)*

Most Popular Choice


Gives Insight Into Current Events/Energies Present

Major and Minor Arcana Cards Used

 Requires A Desire On Your Part To Study & Apply The Channeling

Great For All Students Of Astrology, Numerology & Tarot



12 Card Spread

Divine ~ Astro ~ Tarot ~ Reading 

 Using The Major Arcana Cards

Placed In A Circle Representing the 12 Houses & Signs Referring

To Your Personal Horoscope Natal Chart

The Divine Astro Tarot Spread Is Like No Other

Lives Are Forever Changed By This Type of Channel

Recommended For Serious Astro~Tarot Students

Each Person Owns A Unique Celestial Identity

Tarotuser can be your guide.

Be Prepared for a Paradigm Shift

Astro Tarot Readings Recommended Only Once Per Year

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Gulfside Readings
Soothing Seaside Ambiance

Raise Your Cosmic Consciousness & Enjoy The Beach All At Once

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*free 3 Card Reading by Email request* 

Great For Curiosity Seekers

Gulf Of Mexico White Sand Readings
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