The Guild
What is a psychic made of
I'll tell you it's not love.
It's pain and grief and lots of frustration,
and total chaos from isolation.
Their friends and their family think they're insane,
this is normally the gist of the game.
People ask them for answers to find,
some of those questions torment the mind.
Yet with an open heart they all try to forge on,
trying to be in key with the metaphysical song.
But some of the notes seem out of key,
and most of the readings don't come for free.
One way or another they pay for it all,
never getting any sleep, taking call after call.
Listening to all kinds of people with an open heart,
taking on pains they wish they could depart.
So the next time you talk to a psychic, remember
it takes lots of grief to become a member.





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the power of love

The Curse of Kindness
There are vampires that live in the dark or the sun.
How many times have you been drained by one?
They don’t suck your blood or wear a black cape.
When they channel your mind, there’s no escape.
You’ll find them at work. They’ll come to your home.
They’re in the chat rooms and even the phone.
Think this over and you’ll know that it’s true,
about what Psychic Vampires can do to you.
How many times has one left you feel drained
and totally distraught in emotional pain?
Victim scripts and drama are the cards they play,
ebbing away at you each day by day.
The next time someone sees you or calls you to complain.
Remember don’t get sucked in or it’ll torment your brain.
Tell them I’m busy, I have my own problems too.
Always beware of what the Psychic Vamps do!

Axiomatic Wisdom
What if your next reality has nothing to do with what you see?
What if when you take your last breath,
and find the thing we all call death.
Has no bearing on this life and your memories,
from the life you've lived in this reality.
Repetition of the same life would be insane,
if that is truly the gist of the game.
Supposedly in Heaven all your blemishes will be removed.
But so many say that cannot be proved.
Seriously I believe if there's a next life to be.
It will come from you and me.
It will be comprised of our hopes, dreams and our aspirations.
All of those things that gave us Nirvana's loving sensation.
In closing if science is right about energy and how it was all made at the same time.
Then there wouldn't be any difference in the age or our souls or the things we call Divine...

Atoms to Atoms
Isn't there more to you and me?
Than atoms that came from the Galaxy.
Intelligence and thought seems to make up the rule.
Of human beings from the DNA pool.
Isn't reality just an observation?
That fills our Hearts and minds with sensation.
Sensations of love sensations of giving,
yet their just a microbe in the world that we live in.
Seems that the rich feed on the poor,
sending their children off to war.
Giving them weapons for a so called defense.
Fighting war after war that doesn't make sense.
Unless your the manufacturer of the arms.
Making money for what your creations can harm.
Bankers and Politician's set the stage...
For every conflict their countries engage.
I've been in the service and I knew the gist of the game.
Follow your orders without any shame.
Do what your told don't question the task...
Even if you have to put on a Death Mask.
In today's world everything gets more and more unstable.
The threat of Nuclear War isn't a fable...
It's time the world fought a War of wit,
with the out come of a planet that's perfectly fit.
Fit for friendship, fit for Peace and Love...
With human life being valued over the Gauntlet's Glove.
Stanley Victor Paskavich...


From The Inside
I've been Baptized by a fire burning in my mind.
That gives me thoughts that many don't find.
From the unusual to the divine
my mind goes to and fro.
Along with manic delusions that often show.
But even with the things I do and say.
I wouldn't have it another way.
If you just want to be judgmental you'll never see.
That most mental illnesses are filled with  artistry.
I'm Bipolar and this I'll never hide
because I see it as a gift inside.
So after you read this if you don't get my gist...
Take a few moments to read  "The Famous Bipolar List"
Stanley Victor Paskavich (Stantasyland)



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