This is a live radio program featuring live dj's that have a story to tell through their house mixes!

Each week is hosted by DJ David Palmer aka "The Leo King" and features his live mixing every Sunday at 5pm Pacific. You can watch, listen and join in the chat!

The purpose of this show is to go behind the music and add the depth of soul to the show. We look behind this reality and connect with the spiritual message that is channeled in the mix.

Each week David will do his show, featuring scheduled guests that come on, give interviews and then dj their message.


When David does his show, he will have a live conversation with the audince in the chat room and have a unified intention go out into the universe. Before the mix, David will pull tarot cards and channel the stars, shifting the energy into the tracks he plays and synergizing his mixes.

The Leo King Live @ Sutra Holiday Party Dec 17 2015

Had a blast DJing Sutra Nightclub's Holiday Party last night! Here is an awesome clip of my set last night and playing around with three decks and mixing in C3PO from Star Wars! Thank you for all those came out and supported me! I am playing Heat OC Tomorrow Night (Saturday) make sure you come out!Thanks Andrew Andrex for our friendship and David Hauser for shooting this!theleoking.com

Posted by David Lawrence Palmer on Saturday, December 19, 2015


        Thank You Lee Harris!



    Every Song Will Enhance You


       <---click on the image

and ARISE.


ARISE is a high-energy, uplifting album. Epic in production, it features 40 live musicians, plus a host of electronica, conscious lyrics and is a firework of a musical journey. Great to dance to!


released 18 November 2014

Created and performed by Project Venus (Lee Harris and Davor Bozic)

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