Q: Can You Tell Me My Future?

A:  No, YOU create your own future by the reincarnation of the thoughts you think.  Be Ye Transformed By the Renewal of the Thought.


Q:  Which Intuitive Reading Is Best For Me?


A:  For Beginners or Curiosity Seekers, Request As Many 3 Card (*free*) Readings As You Like, These Readings Are Processed Through Email Only. Use Contact Form Provided On This Site Or Send Email



Q:  What If I am not happy with my reading?

A:  Happiness is a state of BEING. Intuitive Readings are for individuals who are innately attuned to their Divine Essence.

For persons that are skeptical in the realm of Tarot and other modalities, I am willing to do FREE 3 Card readings for anyone that asks. When the student is open and receptive to the subtle energies they will engage.

Q:  How Come I Seem To Be Stuck In A Rut Or Holding Pattern?

A:  Maybe you are on your Dragon's Tail (past lives/karmic residue) and are swimming downstream.  In order to ascend into the Divine you must be riding your Dragon's Head, and applying your Will.

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*free 3 Card Reading by Email request* tarotuser@tarotuser.com 

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