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2018 Daily Quantum Astrology and Starseed DNA Translations

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Published on Dec 23, 2017

In this episode of AAE tv, Ethann is joined by Sandra Walter. Ethann and Sandra discuss the global awakening of consciousness and how it's related to solar activity and eclipses. Sandra goes into depth on the subjects of Timelines, Grids, and Gateways, and how Gatekeepers are assisting in ushering in a new Earth grid system. She explains how solar flares and coronal mass ejections contain light codes that are upgrading the DNA of human beings and how the recent eclipses have ushered in a Christed Timeline Amplification. She goes on to explain the Mandela Effect, what makes Autistic children unique, and the role of plant medicines in awakening consciousness. She also shares her perspective on whether GMO foods, fluoride, and chemtrails affect our awakening. In addition, Ethann and Sandra talk about the proliferation of artificial intelligence and what that means for the future of humanity, and whether we should be concerned about its prevalence in our society. She also shares her knowledge about the ancient Lemurian race called the Telos.

Many of us are seeking our tribe and searching to fulfill our life's purpose.

The new, worldwide community is currently working on bringing together a portal of links to new paradigm innovations, inventions and initiatives that can assist us as we move forward through the shift.

These links should help you get started with that search. If you are looking for a community to join, a project to assist or a movement to participate in, check back here often as we'll be adding links as we become aware of them.

If you know of a new paradigm innovation, invention or initiative that belongs on this list, please use our Contact form and send us a link. We are accepting submissions for things like communities, technology, environment, food, interpersonal relationships, political healing and art communities; anything that involves groups of people working together to create a better world. This is not a portal for business or personal website links.






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Join Us at

2018 Daily Quantum Astrology and Starseed DNA Translations

Join Us at

2018 Daily Quantum Astrology and Starseed DNA Translations

 Streamed live on May 6, 2018

Greetings I am Rion your Host on this Journey in Remembering your True Self. May our shared Experience Bless us with Abundance and Understanding:)
Team Lights New Presentation on Consciousness and Ascension. Here we create How to Video's on subjects ranging from Astral Projection to Activating your Energy Body-Kundalini and Chakras.
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Espavo! Watch these priceless videos about Empowerment.

Published on Mar 3, 2014

This MMS was tested on a 10 year old pitbull who just came from the vet with meds that don't work and a 1,000 dollar vet bill. There is no volume but look at the dates of the pictures. I took this video personally and it was my first time so please excuse me. Thank you Lisset I will post some more soon. Any questions please contact me at

Hey Everyone,
The long awaited full feature documentary we've been
working on for the past 5 months is finally released!

We truly believe this movie is going to take MMS,
and the G2 Church to the next level, however we will
need all the support we can get during the movie
release. Please send this to all that you know who
could benefit from this information.If you've struggled with sharing some of the most important information about MMS and our sacraments as well as our mission with loved ones and friends due
to skepticism and doubt? Well, this movie is going to
tip the scales in that area.
In 56 minutes, this high paced documentary pulls
ANYONE into the story of MMS and the G2
Church. The responses we've heard so far from
preview screenings have all been the same:
"This is epic, I can't believe I didn't know about this,
I want to know everything!"
"I want to try this right away, what do I do? Where do
I get it?"
"I couldn't stop watching, this pulled my heart in."
This is great news for our movement.
Send this link to everyone you know!

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